At St Stephen’s, the health and safety of all children is of paramount importance. Parents send their children to nursery each day with the expectation that nursery provides a secure environment in which their children can flourish. In order to do this a wide range of measures are put in place.


A wide range of policies are in place and designed to achieve a fair, safe and harmonious environment, in which children are – safe from harm, know that staff have their welfare at heart, and know that staff will always listen when they want to discuss a problem.

First Aid

In nursery there are trained members of staff, who have attended paediatric first aid training and oversee first aid. There are a number of first aid kits situated around the nursery. When a child is ill, or has suffered an accident in nursery or the outdoor area there is a protocol for staff to follow.

Site Security

St Stephens provides a secure site, which is controlled by precise management directives.

Staff Vetting Checks

All staff who work in the nursery have a full Enhanced DBS check carried out by the local authority.

Educational Visits and Risk Assessments

The educational visits coordinator has attended LA training. Risk assessment records are carried out for all educational visits.

Safeguarding Statement

We have a legal responsibility to inform Children’s Social Care of any child protection concerns in relation to children who come to St Stephens Nursery and Children’s Centre.

Should any of the staff have child protection concerns regarding a child who comes to the Centre we will, in the majority of cases discuss those with you as the parent/carer and if necessary make a referral to Children’s Social Care.

Portrait of Adam Bennett

Adam Bennett
Federation Safeguarding Lead

Portrait of Rebecca Ross

Rebecca Ross
Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Portrait of Janet Patterson

Janet Patterson
Maintained Nursery Safeguarding Lead

Portrait of Harsha Mesuria

Harsha Mesuria
Day Care Safeguarding Lead

Portrait image of Marie Foley

Marie Foley
Children's Centre Safeguarding Lead