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Headteacher's Newsletter - Issue 2 (9th January 2018)

Dear Parents

Welcome to the start of a new year and a new term.


As Head Teacher of St Stephen’s School and Children’s Centre I am extremely proud that the school was given the honour of ‘The Top State Primary School in the Country’. This was published in The Sunday Times on 19th November 2017.

I am also proud to share that St Stephen’s was visited as part of Ofsted’s Early Years curriculum review ‘Bold Beginnings’. Gill Jones HMI Deputy Director Early Education for OFSTED visited the school in Summer 2017 and said,

‘I had a lovely day and thoroughly enjoyed meeting you, your staff and the children. I was struck by the high expectations you set for the children and all who work with you. Also notable is the care and attention you give to every aspect of school life, including in making the lovely memory books, such as for the Queen’s birthday celebrations. You run a lovely school, where children have excellent opportunities to learn. It was a privilege to see it in action.’

The full report can be found on the website.

I want to genuinely thank each and every one of you past and present for working in partnership with the school to ensure that together we have offered the best possible education and well-being for all children who have been at St Stephen’s.

You as parents and the community have played a crucial part in the success of the school and indeed in my personal success as a Head Teacher. You have always trusted my judgement, respected my role and welcomed me into community life. Your support, sincerity and warmth is overwhelming. I know how fortunate I am to have been part of this school for so many years.

At St Stephen’s our children come first, the start that we give them makes a positive difference not only for the time they are here but also as they continue their education beyond St Stephen’s gates. The children understand that they are modern British citizens, know their rights and respect the rights of others.

The children that make the greatest progress are those with parents who believe in what we do and take on advice given by the school.

These parents:

I also have to pay testament and tribute to the excellent work and support given by our active Governing Body.

Finally, I am sure you will agree that the highest accolade must be paid to the highly effective, hardworking and intelligent staff team led by two superb Deputies. The staff team work tirelessly to ensure that your children receive the highest quality provision and teaching that enables all children to make progress and flourish in a nurturing and safe environment.

With much respect

Ms Neena Lall

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