Children's Centre Advisory Board

The Children's Centre Advisory Board is a subcommittee of the Governing body of St Stephen’s Schools and Children’s Centre. The committee is made up of the Head teacher, Deputy Head of the Nursery and Children’s Centre, Children's Center Manager, Day Care Manager, Lead Midwife, Health Visitor, Speech and Language Therapist and four members of the School Governing Body.

In addition members of the local community who access and use the services are recruited to be their representative and voice local opinions. They have the opportunity to visit at least once a term (in their formal capacity) to observe a variety of sessions/groups offered within the centre and attend Children’s Centre Advisory Board Meetings.

Portrait image of Nagini Dabbara

Nagini Dabbara

Nagini Dabbara is a mother of two she has completed various adult education courses at St Stephens Children’s Centre and regularly attends Toddler Group and Stay and Play. Nagini speaks English, Hindi, Telugu and can understand Tamil and Kanada.

Portrait image of Sameena Maqbool

Sameena Maqbool

Sameena Maqbool is a mother of two she has attended Numeracy and ICT adult education classes and regularly attends Toddler Group. Sameena speaks English and Urdu.

Portrait image of Ruchi Gala

Ruchi Gala

Ruchi Gala is a mother of one; Ruchi attends Toddler Group and is interested in arranging parent led sessions. Ruchi speaks English, Hindi and Guajarati.